Lambo gets CALLED OUT by 750hp R32 GTR!

If you’ve seen our Lambo vs GTR fight video from a few years back, then you’ll definitely recognize this car! It’s back again, taking on anything that pulls up to it at PowerCruise 2020. Despite the recent twin turbo addition the Lamborghini has undergone, a thirsty 750hp R32 GTR wanted to see if it could remain king!

Original Lambo vs GTR fight video:

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  1. I wonder how many poisonous car community guys are hating on paddle shifters in the comment section below. I never learned how to manual shift. Hopefully I get the chance someday. The majority of manual drivers who hate on automatic, most likely do not have cars that can beat Porsche, GTR, or Lamborghini. All three use paddle shifters and automatic now. Sooooo, why the complaints?

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