Kye Kelley Nitrous Dreams

Street outlaws no prep kings rolled into bowling green, kentucky. In this event we caught Kye Kelley in action with his nitrous camaro. Kye Kelley was the most solid number two in points ever in the series. Kye Kelley has been so close all season long and seems to be the only challenger to be close enough to dethrone the current champion ryan martin. Kye Kelley and his girlfriend Lizzy Musi have been dominating the top half of the list and always making rounds in every event. This is a hard thing to do is to go rounds in no prep kings since all the fastest cars are always on the property. Check out the video and see how well Kye did in kentucky and for more no prep action we cover follow our social media platforms at:


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  1. I don't really care for the rise of the screw blowers. It will give season 6 a decidedly "NHRA" look. I can't begrudge those who switch to it, they have to run the best combination if they want even a hint of a chance to win.

  2. If he was driving Lizzy's car he'd probably be on top. Her car us really fast. Good to see him taking down Scott Taylor. Close race with D Dave. Chuck just doesn't have a car to win with.

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