Kia EV6 v Mustang Mach E v VW ID.4: DRAG RACE

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It’s time for a Korea v Germany v America EV SUV drag race!

We’re lining up the Kia EV6, VW ID.4 GTX and the Mustang Mach-E to go head-to-head and find out which is quickest over the quarter mile. So let’s see how they compare…

Starting with the Volkswagen, it’s the ID.4 GTX. This means it comes equipped with two electric motors which combine to put down 300hp and 470Nm of torque. As you’d expect, it’s pretty heavy, weighing in at 2,224kg, and a new one will cost you about £50,000.

Then we have the Mustang Mach-E. It also comes with two electric motors that can put down 350hp and 580Nm. It’s slightly lighter than the VW, at 2,198kg, but it’s also a bit more expensive, at £61,000.

Finally, we have the EV6. It’s the lightest car here, at 2,090kg, and it’s also the cheapest, coming in at £48,000. In terms of power, it also comes with two electric motors, with a power output of 325hp and 605Nm.

So will the most powerful car, the Mustang, walk it? There’s only one way to find out – LET’S RACE!


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  1. You get what you pay for. A cheaper EV is still a cheaper EV. Corners had to be cut somewhere to keep the price down. I bought a Hyundai product one time. That was enough to recognize they aren't as fully engineered as they want you to think.

  2. The "Mustang" got spanked. Their cars are gonna get spanked too, when that new mid-engine Camaro comes out. That thing looks bad ass. I wish they still had Pontiac for a trans-am and gto's.

  3. mmm… the recuperation test… shouldn't be tested by the distance but as KWh recuperated per each meter… That would actually be a fair comparison.

  4. I own a Mach E GT Performance (GTP) and to get the best regen w/o one pedal braking is to have the car in Unbridled and press the L button. It is like hitting the brakes hard until 5 MPH then it lets go and the car will not stop. Works well in Whisper mode too.

  5. Well well well, the Mach E looks more expensive but for that price it has the 99 kw/h batterie not a 77 kw/h like the KIA. So don't compare apples with pears here. At that price, the Mach E is fully loaded, the Kia ist just basic and still doesn't have a working navigation system that includes loading stops, what totally disqualified the Kia as a proper Electric car. The VW ID.4 GTX also has 77kw/h batterie, another pear in this test.

  6. Hehe… I drove all those cars in the last 3 months and my feelings about them are perfectly mirrored in their performance during this test. ID4 felt to me straight from beginning a very mediocre car from any perspective, but especially driving fun.

  7. Who came up with a great idea of using three of the same color cars in the video? And can we see this again with a newer mustang not this old outdated junk 🙂

  8. The KIA EV6 and Hyundai IONIQ 5 are EVs on a whole new level. Their drivetrain and battery tech outperforms Volkswagen and Ford in every thinkable way. Charging speed was not tested, but also here KIAs 800V-system outclasses the competitors.

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