Keizer Wheels

Unboxing the new wheels for the Nova.


  1. They are verband wheel or something like that. Thats what I've been wanting for my car but I want the black barrel with chrome centers! Them wheels are gangster AF! I was shot 5 times in my left arm 2 weeks ago this past Sunday. So my project has came to a screeching hault.

  2. Looking real good reaper. The work has really paid off and you’re looking really good man. Super happy for you! Stacey you’re a rockstar for keeping him in check. 😉

  3. Wheels are very nice.but u all ways have nice stuff raps u do.and u doing awesome in small tire .Getting a good hold on the your bikes two.good luck and all the love to u and your family Rob

  4. Hey if the blue car has never been beat on the street. Why did you lose everytime this season and if it is a winning combo that wins races for decades why you keep saying it is untested and why does it need to be tested? I'm trying to understand the things that came out your mouth this year. They dont add up.

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