Kamikaze BUSTED!

BOOSTED NIGHTS Movie Now Shipping! KAMIKAZE made a NASTY – Fiery  test hit during our filming of the latest installment of Texas Streets – You may have seen the El Camino on Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws! We get up close and personal to see what it takes to get the car unloaded, prepped, and make a real test hit in this monster. This is a no shit real life test hit without any barriers, film crews, or fake cops! Speaking of the police, they decide to make an appearance as the big blocked nitrous Chevy powered monster somehow woke up the neighbors! This thing is a flamethrower!

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  1. I like Kamikaze and I'm sure Flip is looking down cracking up at watching his motor pissing Doc off cause old big headed Doc pisses the fuck out of everyone! Not sure IF hes got any sponsers but it would be the bollox to see him get a tuneup like Chuck managed to gt somehow. Hes gone from holding up the list to being top of it. How the fuck…….??

  2. What a pack of absolute DICK HEADS! Here in Oz, that POS would have been impounded for a month, and THE DICK HEAD would have probably lost his licence for three months. That kinda shit belongs on the strip, not a public bloody road.

  3. All this money and work. Y'all gotta put some kind of exhaust. Like run an adapter to run 4 exhaust in the back my dudes. U can here that from miles away. Long story short I had a gsxr and went straight pipe and fast riders you want a damn silence exhaust. Loud don't mean ur faster. When being under the radar is more important than sounding cool.

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