Justin "Lil' Country" Swanstrom Thinks Radial Racing is Dead | The Wes Buck Show

Wes talks with STREET OUTLAWS: No Prep Kings star and longtime small tire drag racer Justin “Lil’ Country” Swanstrom on where he feels radial tire racing is headed.

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  1. My family enjoys drag racing of all kinds and it is a way for 3 generations of us to come together, have something in common and escape the toils and troubles of normal life. We used to go to and support the Duck x Drag Radial stuff and get together and watch it on FloRacing. However, the announcer’s constant political comments and insults grew very tiring and caused us to argue. And he won’t stop. So, we are done with that crap. If we wanted political commentary we would watch cable news, not spend our weekend at a drag race.

    Now we have NPK to enjoy together and it is all about good ‘ol drag racing like the old match race days. The cast of characters cover the spectrum and everyone of us have our different favorites and not-so-favorites which we relate to in some special way. It just makes it more fun. Guys like Justin and Big Country🥰 bring on the fun! Thank you.

  2. A Fan base is very fluid. It will follow where the excitement is. The allure of NPK in my eyes is the potential to wad up a high end race car and put themselves (the driver) at risk…. That's where the draw is. Fans love someone who will hang it out there. Evel Knievel is prime example. It will draw people in. But don't discount the NHRA. They still fill the stands up. Once again those TF cars and bikes and insane… Justin is on point. And yes, Stevie should get right up in it. Follow the trend.

  3. They have no ideal how fast there going they don’t get time slips or show there times on the scoreboard there not going as fast as they think they are Justin think he’s running in the mid 3 with his new car when he’s running high 6’s low 7’s, and you don’t make no money running NPK either Pilgrim media and Discovery are footing a huge part of the bill for these guys that’s why there all running the same setups, he even admits he’s an ass and couldn’t be in NHRA because of it, for that reason a sponsor will never ever pick him up, at NHRA they only prep the first 60ft of the track, not the whole thing, in the NPK race they prep from the finish line all the way too the return lane, and in my 30+ years of drag racing NHRA/IHRA I’ve never seen them stop a race to re-prep kid doesn’t know anything about real sanctioned racing, only reason to stop is if there’s a liquid spill or a crash on track, only reason the kid got a win this year is I told him what was wrong with his car and how to fix it, his transmission and tach were wired wrong and not working correctly it was short shifting 2nd-5th gears

  4. When npk came to Bristol tn I was there from 3pm to 2am. There was 30k fans there. It was packed. But it did rake some time to finish it. It was worth it to me to see chief beat kye. I think now they have their shit together now and it doesn't take that long now. NPK RULES.

  5. I agree with most of what you said about the NHRA and their "Pro Show".. But you left out the Sportsman classes, LOTS of people can relate to those cars and racers .

  6. Pro mod only class left nhra has worth a damn and mountain motor pro stock better to watch than nhra fuel injected bull crap

  7. Many of us don't have half million dollar cars that we afford to wreck then just have another one ready to go..I personally have almost no chance of ever winning any money period..but I like to go fast and time trial on my hand built, jerry rigged,turbo bike..then hit the cooler lol

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