It all comes down to Claude in the final street race of End Game vs Vegas Locals behind the scenes

It all comes down to Claude in the final street race of End Game vs Vegas Locals behind the scenes of the last episode of End Game. We had a blast working together as a team to race these guys. Claude T-shirts are now available on the website!!
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  1. I enjoyed End Game so much! The camaraderie between 5 guys that I never thought would be on the same team! This show was epic!! I laughed and laughed. I thought JJ and Smoke were going to have a heart attack. Kudos to you 5, Kye Kelley, JJ da boss, Muder Nova, Ryan Martin and last but not least, Axman! That was one great series❤️

  2. You are like me I have 5 cars at my house and they all are black, wife Lincoln suv is black, my f350 is black and my 2014 gt500 is black and daughter has 2 cars she has a 2007 mustang that’s black and she has a 2022 jeep compass that’s black! Black is beautiful but I spend a fortune on keeping them all clean!

  3. Congratulations on your win Kyle proud of you man. I'm all backyard man myself Maryland in the house. My street car has been down for 5 years man you know how it is just trying to survive but I ain't going to get rid of her. Builder myself in the backyard on the nights and days. Anyway congratulations again call Kyle Kelly Racing. God Bless 🙏🙏

  4. I like how a lot of people were saying that Ryan Martin put so much money into his car that they thought he would be the fastest out of all yall and then Kye Kelly and JJ showed up with a car that cost way less…lol…go get then Kye Kelly to me I think you have the fastest car out of all them…🇺🇸💯👍

  5. You guys could get bobble heads made up to sell with your merch just a thought . racing and traveling takes alot of cake nothing is free in Racing cheers from Abbotsford British Columbia Canada 🇨🇦 the group of you 5 cars and families pulling together is certainly a blessing seeing your home lives with families and friends is up lifting . I'm sure all your viewers enjoy that the most together we Stand with Unity God bless us all through all the times and Tribulations Be positive and treat each other with Respect 🙏 always ❤️

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