Is Big Chief Building The Crowmod for Drag Week?!

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  1. Another great episode and i think swanstrom had a reason to protest he told them at the deivers meeting kye kelly and lizzy was the ones called out birdman and murillo not kyes fault he just tryying throw the blame on somebody else

  2. Sim, welcome to ACID REFLUX! It's brutal, from ๐Ÿ”ฅ in the hole to hugging the porcelain. No fun my friend.
    Watch your diet and eat hot, spicy or acidity food 4-5 hrs before bed.

  3. I find it hard to believe chief has been holding onto the crowmod for this long and has no intention on doing something with it , I believe he wasn't sure exactly what he as going to do however he probably would have sold it at some point if he wasn't going to do anything with it. Im sure there has been times he could have used the money for alot of other race car things and still has the crowmod in the garage

  4. Drivers shouldn't have to protest someone about the rules. Boosted or someone else putting on the race should just inforce the rules.

  5. Not a fan of Swanstrum but I donโ€™t understand why everyone is calling the thing with Kye a protest. In the beginning of the year Boosted made it clear that was a new rule with the callouts. If itโ€™s a rule, why is it even a question?

  6. If he brought it out, the Crowmod would definitely be a player in Drag Week's Unlimited Class. Lots of potential in that car to crush hero passes at an event like DW. Bing Bong!

  7. Chief did say in the last video ….they havr another car coming to there fleet …..anothet small tire car….but after caddy jac 2600 pounds….that going to be one bad car……good job bro keep it up

  8. Sometimes their are just people that get on your nerves or just come off a certain way that makes you not want to support a certain driver. I love the 405 but I don't like all of the 405. Is Justin a race car? Absolutely. He can drive. Does he have a fast car? Sure does. Is he a smart ass? Yep sure is. If you follow him you may know why some people dislike him. Some people love him. I feel the same way about some 405 driver's. I don't follow them all but you can't hate on a guy for following the rules or calling out someone for not following the rules. They are there to win and win a lot of money. That's why they all put in the time and money to compete

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