INSANE Street Races – Lambos, GTRs, AWD Civic, Tesla Plaids + MORE!


We’re back on the Texas Streets for more street racing action! From twin turbo Supercars to Tesla Plaids and a DSM – we had a little bit of everything going at it on the freeways. What’s better than 1000hp street cars getting down for 180+ mph hits? Oh yeah..nothing!

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  1. Lol,Tesla guy: “that’s the second time this weekend I’ve lost! ”what doe that car have in it!? As i sit there pondering 🤔💭 ……”really dumb question bro-its got gasoline in it” i really am NO Tesla fan at all-I love how SNOOTY people will SMUGLY act driving an electric car thinking that they’re clean when they produce MORE carbon emissions than gas from the electric generators run by coal….SO Elon musk used a government trick on the sheeple. “Out of Sight/Out of Mind, good ole military saying, and action of the buyer, don’t ask, just follow

  2. One thang I’ve learned from watching r35s over the years is they are notorious for jumping like I feel like if u don’t give the r35 the jump they ain’t gona u

  3. Maybe i'm just projecting buy that yellow mustang seemed salty abt not being able to catch up 🤣 looked like some unhappy sparks underneath.

    Edit: nvm he seemed cool later


    who’s got three dollars, and some fame? be the first…

    you know one way too end ALLthis “crossover” confusion??

    Down the centreline Place a laser pointer couple inches off the ground pointing the whole length of the track

    the pointer will simply vanish when crossed by a tire!

    it’s as simple as that!!!!!

    Just quote my name if you decide too use it (MoeGtr sydney)😉

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