How to TROLL a Corvette Owner! – Cleetus' Garage EP. 7

Looks like Cleetus is getting attached to that Dodge Power-plant! Last month he took out a 1000hp Hellcat, and now he’s back with a 1400hp Jeep! The Bald Eagles were screaming all day long as Cleetus trolled Big Kleib into racing him in the SRT-8 rather than his c7! This 5,000lb tank might have been a little more than he was expecting as he blew through the traps at over 140mph in just over 10 seconds! Woo-wee!
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Cleetus goes DRIFTING?:
Fact or Fiction? Cleetus tests a Mustang!?:
Lucky Cleetus avoids a Ticket!:

Friendly competition courtesy of BigKleib34!:

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