How To Make Your Car Last A Long Time – Simple Checks

Simple Maintenance Checks For Your Car Every Six Months
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The best way to keep your car in great shape is to regularly check the vehicle and keep up with preventative maintenance. This video will outline simple checks you can make on your car. The more frequent you check things like tire pressure and engine oil the better, but it’s good to check all of the items in the video at the very least twice a year.

We’ll look at three main sections in this video. First we’ll discuss tires, brakes, and suspension. Next we’ll look under the hood and look at fluids and filters. Finally we’ll look at exterior checks such as lights and wipers. Catching any issues early can help you make sure your vehicle lasts as long as possible.

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  1. Good to check the actual radiator for coolant level if there is a cap (when the engine is cold of course). If there is an issue between the overflow tank and the radiator the overflow tank can give an incorrect indication of the coolant level in the radiator.

  2. A quick tip about checking your rear brake lights on your car, put a pole or umbrella between the seat and brake pedal and DO NOT START THE CAR, turn the key to number 2 on the ignition barrel. Then you will be able to check them yourself any where without the need of a friend or a glass door. Plus you can check your reversing lights by not starting your car turn your key on the ignition barrel to number 2 then put your gear stick in reverse then you can check your reverse lights are working.

  3. Thank you SO much for this video!
    Even though I've been driving for about 6 years, I feel I was never taught how to properly care for my car
    (other than just take it in for oil changes and tire rotations).
    I'm now buying a new car, and really wanted to do my research on how to get the best, longest life from it.
    I really wish drivers were offered more information on general care both when they start driving, and buy a new car.

  4. Soon to be a new driver, I wanted to make sure I knew how to take care of a car as I'm planning on getting one in the next month. Thanks for the informative video! I honestly expected that more would be needed to keep a car is good shape, but it seems that you just need to check these things often enough and make sure they get the attention they need.

  5. Just got my first car today, I want to take good care of it and have it for a long time πŸ™‚ thank you for this wonderful and detailed video!

  6. My Prius has over 300,000 miles and runs like new. It's never had any repairs. I just follow the maintenance schedule religiously by using a program on my laptop called Automotive Wolf that tracks the maintenance schedule, expenses, fuel usage etc. It calculates a cost to own and operate the vehicle taking into consideration all those factors and my Prius is at $0.05 per mile. My Jeep costs $1.63 per mile. So not only is my Toyota extremely reliable it's also very cost efficient.

  7. I like how people always say something along the lines of "if you maintain your vehicle it will last you a long time" but nobody ever says what that actually means lol.

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