Paige Coughlin Dropped Some Big News over the weekend that she will be building a car and coming to compete with all the no prep cars, there is a process to it and i know she will put in the work to compete!!!
This video gives you a better idea on how no prep kings works and how you can get invited to run the invitational class!!!

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  1. Some big news was dropped over the weekend… even though i know paige is going to do awesome, it will be a tough task for her and the team. Look Forward to Racing Against Her One Day… maybe 😉 she needs to get invited first

  2. Well, the Coughlin's, with all the influence their brand have in the drag racing world will have ZERO problems getting an invite to run NPK. Will Paige do well rite off the get go? My guess is they will. The entire family know how to drive, they have the parts, they have the wrench hands, they have all the support rac'n in the NPK need. For my 2 cents I think it's a bad thing. Once JEG's money is in the game the little guys may as well go find another venue 'cause NPK will be dead as we've come to know it. It will be just another NHRA. Just say'n.

  3. Great episode!👍 I would love to se one were you talk about rules in NPK and what you think should change to benefit the whole "circus" (tvshow/race) so it get's more even and not the way it always do, the one with the most money win's…And like you said it should be free for everyone to try but set rules for that to avoid big pro team's. One way maybe is to limit the amount of crewmembers that work's on the car. Maybe no more than 3 on each team? Another thing i always also wanted as a rule in no prep is no wheeliebars. Yes yes i underststand how difficult and dangerous it would be but boy, it would be great tv and work as an equalizer in a big way…Peace🙏

  4. So do you think they will let stevie fast in if he builds a car for npk ? Think he would do very well really quick showed everyone there how bad ass you guys are in your first season .so we know your gonna do even better next season n whip on all of em

  5. I think Discovery seen you was a bad ass RACER,and the SWANGANG was the part about TV first.They probably heard Big Country Sr get in someone's ass ,and that my friends is Priceless TV!.JS

  6. You're doing a good job with this new podcast style deal, Justin. A few recommendations I have for you, to help better the quality of it – try keeping the mic another 1 – 2 inches away to help clear up your audio. You could also try throwing on a Pop filter in front of them. Sometimes throughout these style of vidoes, your camera will focus in and out. Before you start recording, I would get your focus set and then throw it on Manual focus so it doesn't do that. Not a big deal, nor am I saying it's bad by any means. Take care man.

  7. Great to hear that you let kids sit in the car. That's what I loved about PDRA too, so many drivers interact with the kids. You don't realize how much that means to these kids and parents. Keep it up and job well done!

  8. My opinion… the coughlin name is bigger than street outlaws is. A lot of racers have never watched an episode of street outlaws, find a race that’s never heard of Jegs or bought parts from them… in the end it’s a tv show and rating are everything, the Coughlin name in itself will bring people to the show. They will be in on day 1… just my take on it..

  9. If everyone keeps buying new Camaros and puts prochargers in them I think that's when NPK will come to end. I can think of a shit load of cars people could race besides a newer Camaro

  10. Justin swanstrom I have to apologize to you because I put you down on some comments on FB after watching this video I was wrong on my opinion of you because all I know about you is what I see on npk but anyway I am pulling for you now in npk keep it real

  11. I hear you but don’t agree Murder Nova never ran until this year. He walked into the event. He never ran future class. I guess you’d say he didn’t get in because of who he is.

  12. So then Do you think, all the 32 car field that was Faster than you, at the last REAL race you where at. "You are the only guy with balls to try" Would lose against the NPK clown show/ You know better than that. NPKs won't let the Fastest in the country DESTROY the TV fakers

  13. It's nice to hear someone admit there are fillers. It's hyped like all the best not prep racers in the country. But it's not. The guys at the top arguably are. Show would be better if they made everyone race in every week and actually invited more hitters.

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