How to Build A Budget Drag Car 2014 (Part 1) – Foxbody – 408 Stroker – Nitrous Plan 1?

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  1. Theres barely a 200lb weight difference between a fox body and an sn95.. mines sitting easily at around 28-2900 right now and i still have bumper supports, tubular front end shock towers forward, and decide how much of the rear frame rails we want off. Plan to be 2800 with me in it at 170-180lbs

  2. I don't even know what this guy is looking for. He shits on every single car out there somewhat worthy of a build. Dude if you want something under 3k lbs. and $5000 buy a fucking liter bike. This video was a fucking waste of many minutes! DONE

  3. For anyone that wants to build a 1st gen Camaro. U can buy a tube chassis for $1300. Then buy a fiberglass body for 5k. Better than buying a decent car for 20k and then having to spend even more to turn it into a drag car

  4. 94-95 sn95 mustangs only weigh a little bit more than the fox. I drive a 94 cobra and I stripped from the backseats back through the trunk as well as some unnecessary things in the engine bay (smog windshield washer fluid stuff like that) and I'm sitting under 3 thousand pounds for the price of a shorter serpantine belt.

  5. Dream build for a car I can drive to the track, race it, and drive it home:
    Fox body, ls3 with a cam and exhaust, basic tune, 4l80e and the ford nine inch in the back. Daily drag car

  6. Not sure why you are even wasting our time showing us vehicles that are three or four times the budget price. I'll never get the time back I spent watching this video.

  7. My dad died of cancer and left me his 72 ford truck and im disabled. I wanna rebuild it but i dont have a lot of money. Where can i get cheap parts.

  8. 2nd. Gen nova 4000lbs. ?? I don't think so ! Try 3100 w/iron head 400sb. Th350 /8" corvette ralleys
    12.50/12.80et w/mildly built even .3.73 12bolt no power adders.

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