[HOONIGAN] Can-AM Time Attack – Block vs Baldwin

Heads up and no BS shredding! Behind The Scenes with Ken Block and BJ Baldwin as they duke it out in #BattleBROyale! Raw action and reactions. #Canam #maverickX3


  1. As much as I love ken block's driving, BJ Baldwin is my favourite monster driver, plus, never realized how much ken block likes to make excuses

  2. thanks for showing 3 seconds of a 1:30 lap….garbage editing. you even have a drone there that you used 2 seconds of footage from. i want to see the race, not them reacting to laps we didn't see

  3. didn't block leave Subaru because Ford offered more money and then he wrecked couple of really Ford Cars ? seems like money and showing off was his interest not getting faster.

  4. Hi, I would like to know if you thought to record with ken block some video in the center of madrid. Thanks for your attention I love your videos

  5. I wish they would have just put any of the other guys standing there in the pilot seat for a lap so everyone could actually see how much faster these two are than an average person!

  6. One of the things I saw about the time difference is when they said go. At one point ken waited until all three goes until he launched but then he didn't and his time got faster

  7. Man, I really wish you guys would do an extended cut version with more of the runs even if you have to do it with one drone; that way we would get a better idea of what the rigs were doing from a course view perspective.

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