Hood Track Grudge Racing: Ultimate Sleepers, Nitrous C8 Corvette, Hellcat vs ScatPack Chargers

Well guys its the end of an era. I have decided that this time out at “The Peoples Track” will be the last one for a little bit….at least until we can get some of there channel projects finished up. I am tired of not racing anything. Editing these hour long videos multiple times a week with the same content just wears me out. I feel like a broken record and need to get back in the drivers seat. I hope you guys enjoy this video and check out the playlist to see every video we’ve filmed here in one spot!

Its time to turn some wrenches and make shop videos again.

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  1. I hope you guys are ready for more wrenching videos. Will views go down? Yes most likely. It’s just part of the deal. I’m tired of not racing things and just staring at parts on a shelf. I’m ready to build Uncle Rob into a monster and bring the Escalade back. Are you ready??

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  2. I wanna take my 04' Passat 1.8T wagon out to the track. She not ready yet. Her name is "The Granny Sleeper". Its the 4 Motion 5 speed. Just waiting for the front mount intercooler and wrapping it. Ex-wife owned it prior and ended up getting it keyed like crazy. So work needs to be done 4 that. Still needs the Nano Ceramic Tint to go on her too…

  3. No shit, the giant rims is a Hurst olds. I was left my grandfather 79 gold on black bone stock mint like new the gold rims and even tracked a new pair of the tires that would go with it. It's a shame that whoever did to that one tho ….. scarce car 1500 white and gold 1500 black and gold Linda Vaughn tried buying my grandfathers thing looks mean sounds badass but slow as shit and like driving a boat

  4. Uh bro..people only watch Nascar for the wrecks..u say not cool..wrecks not necessary u get out of it..if u wreck at yellowbelly its ur own fault..u didn't lift..no one there is that fast…he way behind the bike which means he probably 11 sec truck 10.5..that's not fast enough wer u couldn't lift n save it…he clearly shouldn't be racing bikes if he can't control his truck..he coulda killed that dude

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