Hood Track Grudge Racing: LS Swap OBS vs Ford Parts Truck, Track Security Nonsense, Daily Drivers!

This time out at THE PEOPLES TRACK aka Yello Belly Drag Strip we take a look into the more personal relationships that take place at the starting line. The trash talking, security guard tactics, side bets, and jokes! Some great racing went down with a lot more non race car off the wall stuff coming up to the line. Only at the peoples track!

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  1. You guys have no idea how much fun we have filming these videos. My face literally hurts from laughing so much every night 😂 I am so grateful you guys enjoy it so much and I will continue to do my best to provide entertaining and valuable content. We are glad you’re here 🤟🏻

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  2. The ol one you 4.0l v8 is fairly popular down under. They do pretty good stock bottom end turbo deals. Checkout Nugget garage on the tube they fuck with em a lot.

  3. I love everything about these videos. More entertaining than pink slips or street outlaws in my opinion. This is racing anyone can relate to. It’s the ‘sandlot’ of drag strips.

    A melting pot of a race track, proof people can co-exist, the locals, the regulars, the rides, the Mexican regional soundtrack always in the background lol, and now the addition of the butchest blonde that could keep up with triumph the insult comic dog.

    Keep the vids coming, don’t get too “production” keep it raw and real. Just a bunch of guys taking a camera to the track to film a bunch of people having a good ol time.

  4. I binge watched all the people's track lol one of these days ima have to bring my SRT clone truck out there 😎 only 5.7hemi in it but it's gets up n goes 💯

  5. Just cracked up about the not a real hero comment!! My son has said since he was 6 that if it’s not a wrangler it’s a fake jeep!!!

    Love the content!!

  6. Top Flight Security Craig is hilarious, him and Murda are my favorites haha. I need to bring my Grand Cherokee SRT here some day.

    10:14 "Stapleton in the house, with Logan, have a youtube channel, watch the peoples track on the youtube channel" along those lines haha.

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