We drag a mint original 1970 CB750K0, 1979 CBX1100, and more out of a hoarder’s Brooklyn apartment.
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  1. Those older bikes had miles on them. Glad they were ridden and not unused and rotten away. I don’t like the city either. Been there once,I only live three hours out. No thanks.

  2. Wow boys, I'm surprised you don't wear masks. Anyway what a time capsule of accumulated love . My late father had lots of motorcycle's, collecting from the early 70s , Honda step through's , 350cc road bike Honda twin probably mid 70s , 70cc Honda Dax trail Suzuki TS 100 , I think 75 model. Daytona 50cc trail bike , Honda 3 wheeler pull start 90cc etc , etc all gone !!!! As a kid I saw no value. My father did . Anyway guys good find and it's all going to a good place.

  3. There are probably some valuable pieces in that HOARD!It would take a crew of guys and weeks to pick through that place. that is a classic example of a massive hoard! my hat's off to you guys for your determination and hard work.👍

  4. Awesome job Ronnie. This was great to watch. Great video work and narration. You guys made a perfect team. Keep the videos like this coming!!!

  5. That’s what I need to do tidy up my 10 yr off hoarding in @16 ft by 10 shed only have two m bikes one currently just finished when lockdown happened and started another one that is sitting as a rolling chassis powder coated frame wheels , all the cleaning n painting new brake seals bearings all done .just need to put mostly electrics n panels etc cables etc n it’s finished ready for mot ,then I can get in the boxes n clean out , oh anyone wanting free magazines if you’re willing to pay postage u can have em , back street heroes street fighter motorcycle mechanics ,awol ,from 1980 odd to 2010 ,they all in good Knick just gonna end up in bin , peace

  6. lets be honest if it werent for the women in our lives or the pursuit of women, most of us gear heads homes would look like this too…

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