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  1. Sim appreciate what you do buddy.I'm not a huge JJ fan but he's out there racing without the cameras. The small tire scene in this country is bigger than Street outlaws. Discovery wants in but they're going about it the wrong way

  2. Hey sim them boys kind of went and put all there eggs in one basket ( npk ) and lost there street cred now they're trying to make up for it with the small tire shows. As always keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  3. The street race pays a 100,000 dollars to win and trust me when I tell you everyone of them will cut the others throat to win that kind of money Sim!

  4. Look at the data. No Chief no edge.. they have gone to small tire, done a build show they have change the format that ppl loved. Hood in concept Americas list killed the okc show and Chief was polarizing. Either liked or hates him he drove the mood of the show to be competitive in my opnion

  5. It's all about the profit. Street Outlaws in the beginning brought in the big number fans for street racing. Pilgrim's took the top names with the most fans and moved them to NPK's because they get paid twice….They get paid at the event & get paid again when they sell it to Discovery. They counted on JJ gaining pop with the fans and taking over the street scene. The problem is….the fans really don't like JJ..and it shows in the rating. The up coming small tire 405 show will tell the tale. On a side note….a lot of the street racing fans have turned to watching Limpy's real street races instead.

  6. As I’ve said before, NPK jumped the shark 3 years ago. The popularity of Street Outlaws was tge OG show and the rivalries . Not just with out of town races but rivalries within the 405 itself.

    In one of the podcast.Chief and Shawn explained the fact that they didn’t all hang out off the show and most weren’t “ friends” either. The OG show gave viewers a view of the relative “ struggles” of a group of street racers. Yes, even back then most of those cars were somewhat unrelatable to many of us BUT there was still enough left of the original “ muscle car” aesthetic that WAS still relatable. Now. Even when they build a more streetable car, they still have 150k in them and very few fans and viewers can identify with what amounts to a hobby for most of us. Chief for example, during his interview with Boosted during the first mega cash days, that was as happy and excited about an SO show as he had been since the very beginning. Why? Bc as he said, winning and doing well in that event MEANT something to those participants. He was truly excited by seeing guys out testing illegally bc it MEANT something to do well in that race! It seems now, there’s very little actual passion from any of those guys. They get paid very well just to show up on NPK, they don’t even care about protecting the integrity or the original intent of NPK which was , to be in THAT field, you had to have some street cred. Now, seems as long as you have a big enough wallet and a couple of connections, they welcome them all with open arms. Case in point, Odom, Kalee Mills Swanstrom. Even Jim Howe. Am I the only one who’s noticed his big attitude change this year after teaming up with big bucks Odom?

    I think Chief was the last of the OG crew still doing it for the right reasons which is why he left. I know a lot of people hate on him but if you stop and think about it, who’s left that’s still going to go do a Limpy cash days on the real streets? Unless Pilgrims cameras are rollin’ they ain’t racin’

  7. I think it’s the fact that in NPK most racers not only get a cut of ticket sale’s probably but most sell lots of Merch and then they have a chance to win 40k or 15k at great 8. And THEN you add all of the fans that came to watch/support them so they tend to show out for us all.


    Street races there’s no Merch sales no ticket sales and if it’s mega cash days they have some money to rely on winning. Not much there to make yourself be a top racer. But maybe with these new shows they might be working on like all of the small tire stuff, they might be racing for big money! We’ll see.

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