#GigaTexas Tesla TeraTexas GigaFactory Drone Construction Update: Idra GigaPress & Massive Expansion

#GigaTexas #Tesla #TeraTexas #GigaFactory Drone Construction Update: Idra GigaPress & Massive Expansion

Special Guest Joe Jefferson from Tesla Owners of San Joaquin Valley

A look at the possible SpaceX Starlink facility area

Updates from the Gigapress area as we look at the Idra

Silly British Voices

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  1. I've paused the videos quite a few times to catch the hawks or whatever high speed birds they are. There are times when the bird seems to be trying to chase the drone off by dive bombing very near it, several close passes

    After 6:00 looks like a muddy mess that needs to dry out.

    After 15:10 a stern wheeler! That's olde tyme! Cute! I wonder if it's powered by steam? It's doubtful – no smokestack!

    Millipedes are just looking for insects for lunch. They keep the bug population in check. ✔️✔️

    Thanks Bryan.

  2. Brian, do you have a death wish running up to the edge of the cliff to see a millipede? Looked scary from here. BTW This entire video is top notch. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the Texas countryside. Maybe I’ll see for myself when I get my Y. Bummer, they just raised the price $500.

  3. Hello Bryan. Thank you for making these videos. They are fantastic. I did not know about the 360 bridge in Austin. I will make sure to visit it when I come to pick up my CyberTruck. I will be traveling with my old friend (he is 84 years old). He is so excited to come with me when I pick up my truck that he prays day and night to stay healthy enough to come with me. He is so determined that for the first time in his life, he listens to his wife and goes for long walks to stay healthy. I show him these videos as soon as they come out and we daydream all day long!

    Thank you!!!

  4. Great video as always. Is there anyway you can take a shot from directly overhead so we can see how much more they have to build? Are they 25% 50% or 75% done with the building structure?

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