FK8 Honda Civic Type R Drag Racing – FAST DAILY!


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  1. Say all you want about FWD, or about how this car isn't fast for MSRP, or how it looks ridiculous, or that it's not fast, but I think that there's a case to be made for those who just want a fastish and fun car that's practical in space and with reliability. I think putting in another 40-50k for mods is stupid as fuck with this car, but maybe that's just me.

  2. My brother already got one of these engines from one that was totaled out in the rear end I believe he said it's called a c 2.0 and it's funny looking is totally different looking from anything else he's putting it into the stock body of a 2010 Honda Civic hatchback

  3. I'm a huge Honda fan and I absolutely hate to admit it. Honda's are slow as fuck compared to every other brand. They can easily beat Buick and Lincolns at least but those are old people cars. Honda is all about endurance. In terms of who lives the longest out of every other sports cars, Honda will be ranked number 2. Sorry, we all know Toyota will always beat Honda in every other way. EXCEPT price and way better looking logo. Who the hell wants a pretzel ornament?

  4. It’s very difficult to buy this car nowadays you can’t get it anywhere? Does anyone know how can I buy one ?

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