Fastest Quarter Mile in history ever recorded on video

Here is the faster quarter mile world record quarter mile run recorded on video. In drag racing the 1/4 mile drag is the ultimate want to prove a cars acceleration. YouTube channels like 1320video show great footage of this type of car performance test and just like 1320 I wanted to show this world record drag pass on the quarter mile. To give you some drag racing history rarely seen. Carwow and Shmee150 also show great examples of drag racing videos over on their channels.

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  1. I dunno, a rocket car isn't that interesting in terms of fastest 1/4 mile, it's a rocket with vestigial wheels really. The power is not delivered through the tires, I think that should be a requirement.

  2. It blows my mind that in a matter of not even 100 years cars went from just coming out and barely going 10mph all the freaking way to 400mph in a 1/4!!

  3. He could have achieved his record a lot earlier but the showmanship and requirement to earn the dollar, by attracting the crowds was obviously paramount! Vanishing Point was great to watch at Santa Pod but I still preferred the sound and feel of the nitro AA fuellers.

  4. To be honest this is still possible these top fuel dragsters and funny cars have the capability to do this but NHRA made the quarter mile shorter,because the cars were going to fast.

  5. Back then and at Santa Pod , I saw this guy 2 or 3 times ( long time ago ) I think it may have been the 2nd time I saw him , but anyway , I was in the pit lane ready for a run on my nitro bike , Sammy came on , everything stopped , I was hanging off the staging ( early seating by the pit lane ) to get a better view . To this day nothing beats that experience of just watching !!! feck . It all went a bit wonky , car turned over , silence . then fire engine , ambulance etc went up and after a while he came walking back down the strip .. Just amazing , I would have another go now , loved it BUT then nitro was 25 pounds a gallon ( just over one run ) I dread to think what it is now !!!! Just an incredible time …

  6. Here in the US NHRA told me that the reason for the jet cars only going in the low fives at about 260 was because they didn't want them to out do the fuel cars. I also spoke to the driver of a 3 engine jet truck that ran over 350 on a run way that the statement NHRA made was correct. He quit racing on a quarter because of this.

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