Fastest LOTO SHOOTOUT Run! / 193MPH! American Ethanol Mystic / Warning LOUD

My first time at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout! The raft up was nuts and the wet pits where loud! Enjoy this quick video of the loudest boat I’ve ever heard. It was a higher pitch loud that pierced ear drums.

Onboard video courtesy of Onken’s Incorporated and American Ethanol Mystic Race Team:

Thank you to for the ride to the shootout and a great day on and entertaining day off the water.

Shoutout to @Fast Loud Photography and Black Thunder Powerboats

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  1. When your doing 194 there is no shivering or shaking at all. You could have a coffee and not spill any,. That is a smooth running rig, put it to her. Let those big blocks loose.

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