Farmtruck & Azn Grudge Night in South Texas!!

In this video we have a grudge night with farmtruck and azn at edinburg motorsports park’s event. We start the video with a solo run with a procharged corvette that pulled the wheels off the ground on a stellar pass. Then we continued the video with the racers discussing the terms of the race and how much money. After alot of back and forth the stakes were high with each grudge race had 1500 dollars in the pot. Hammerhead went up against a nitrous assisted monte carlo named pirate’s code. Pirate’s code was more of a street racer but decided he came to race. It was a high stakes race with farmtruck flaggig the race. Azn helped with lining up the cars. The race went down and celebration ensued. Check out the action all unfold in this wild grudge race and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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