Exotics EVERYWHERE in Dubai …and I got ARRESTED!

Dubai is known for their incredible skyscrapers as well as their CRAZY exotic car scene. Ferrari 458’s are like Honda Civic’s in Dubai! Unfortunately I was stuck in a corolla rental car – which actually ended up getting me into some trouble with the authorities..OOPS! I had no idea I was doing anything wrong! What a unforgettable TRIP!
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  1. great vid. done the exact trip with my wife december 2017, had a 488 Spyder for a couple weeks. got a ticket for reving the car down town 5,000 dirhams. the only thing that ruined the trip, otherwise amazing experience.

  2. i did the same thing when I was in dubai at there mall I went out wrong door and had to walk all the way around..so hot outside too ;/ awesome videos man

  3. looks like they've changed a few cars around since i was there! loved the cars and the staff was extremely receptive to visitors ! Alain class motors

  4. does anyone know the name of the video: i think he was in dubai and somebody had an opel/vaxhuall astra or something small like that. it was turboed and a fun little car. i wanna know so i can see what mods they have on them i might go for a similar build.

  5. All the money in the world and still ass-backwards. Been there and it was pretty neat but let's face it. A dirt farmer with money to burn is still a dirt farmer.

  6. The r35 GTR may be all this and that but theres nothing like an r32 GTR the RB26dett will alwayd be a timeless classic that r35 looks and sounds far to boring to drive (im a 12a-20bt in something 70s mazda or a wrx 22b type of guy though)

  7. Dang I passed by that dealer everyday last winter break. My family owns a condo in princess tower. U also showed that in the videp

  8. Dubai is insane They Will Finance the sale of Exotic Cars to absolutely Anyone with out a credit check or even a down payment However it's also ilegal to Aquire any Debit …WTF

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