Edmunds' Experts Discuss the 8 Steps to Buying a New Car

Buying a new car is a big step, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting one. Edmunds’ experts Ron Montoya and Matt Jones discuss how to research, locate, price and negotiate to buy your new car.

These eight steps to buying a new car could save you thousands of dollars and make the process quicker and stress-free.

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  1. Yea i tuned them out after he said several inquiries wont "really" effect your credit score. Thats bullshit, go to your bank and get the loan there. That car dealer will run your credit and and you'll have anywhere from 5-12 new inquiries on your report and you still won't get the best interest rate for the car.

  2. Do I have much negotiating power as a buyer when I've had to order a new vehicle from a Dealer? It is a new model year and in demand vehicle. The local dealers do not have stock of the vehicle.

  3. Please be aware ….
    Honking car locking…
    1 Wakes people up.
    ( wakes children and babies)
    2 Can be heard Inside Homes and buildings in the vicinity.
    3 Can startle people walking on streets, in parking lots, and parking garages.
    4 Creates dangerous health stress
    for people with Cardiac Disease, PTSD, Hypertension, Insomnia, and Migraines. Im a stroke survivor and cardiac patient. It makes my heart go arrythmic.
    5 Creates startling and stressful noise in otherwise peaceful locations such as residential neighborhoods, parks, places of worship, schools, and hospital grounds. PLEASE lock your vehicle quietly with light flash Only for neighbors sleep at night and peace of mind during the day.
    The Auto Industry needs to create revised technology that does not emit intrusive noise into our communities. Thank you.

  4. You are NOT advocating that you read the ENTIRE contract??? (stated a 7:15) No biased advice here. That is pure recklessness. Not read to what you're obligating yourself? SHAME ON YOU!!!
    This is proof that Edmonds.com exists for the benefit of the dealers, not the consumer.

  5. 1. As much as possible negotiate don't mention it but buy cash.
    2. If you get a better price don't trade it just sell your old car.

    3. Refer to a mechanic. Scotty Kilmer gives the best advice.

  6. I'm sick of the standard pablum on vehicles. For example, first: Horsepower. So what..if it's got 780hp..great., what's the estimated fuel mileage? 0 to 60?.., how about 55 to 75 ie passing performance. Second: Heater & other controls. Those freakin touch-screen buttons are often hard to find.., and HARDER to hit on bumpy roads; radio controls are stupid; worst, all controls require driver to take eyes off road; the screen is not angled toward driver. Where in hell are the National Highway Trans Safety folks on the ergonomics of this crap?? That center display is non-standard, and like I said, hard to use on less than smooth roadways, and require often extended time for the driver to search for some feature they have not memorized. UNSAFE. People/Viewers.., do listen to your commentary. Drive one of those pieces of shit on the back roads of this country and be looking at that 14 inch screen when a moose wanders onto the road – good freaking luck!

  7. Personally for me at 83 the single most important issue is ingress and egress, if I cannot get in or out of the vehicle easily it is totally useless to me, I don't think manufacturers pay sufficient attention to this very important detail, also the remainder of the ergonomics of the vehicle also effect the impression of the vehicle as are its road manners.
    With someone like myself with many years of experience driving various makes and models I tend to notice things that others perhaps may overlook. My vehicle is more than just transportation it is a reflection of who I am.

  8. Can you please speak about the interest and the prime part of the loan? Interest is what you are paying for first, before you are really paying down the payment of the vehicle, so when and if we have extra cash we can actually pay on the prime of loan, and not the interest, this does impact the loan's interest, but you are permitted to pay more on your car payment when every you have extra cash, right? Can you please speak on that, no on wants to and the finance lady just laughs and says you dont want to talk about how much interest do you, no you do not, hahahha, so feeble.

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  10. Act in haste, repent at leisure.
    When buying a car you know its a good price if you know you could sell that car tomorrow for virtually the same price.

  11. What can you say about a dealer who won’t sell a new Kia Carnival unless you get the theft protection and insurance/inside seal/window tint/wheel locks amounting to like additional $3K? Saying it’s the cost of business? Is this standard? This happened to us today.

  12. When buying a new car, don't focus on monthly payments. Focus on the bottom line out the door price. And don't let the salesman lead you into a car deal, that did not really want. And if buy a warranty, don't focus on the monthly payments, ask how much is the warranty. You might want to purchase it elsewhere, it will be

  13. You say it's better to focus on the actual cost/price of the car as opposed to the monthly payments. That only goes so far if you aren't familiar with drawing up or working a weekly budget whenever your paycheck comes in. Knowing the monthly car payments (including any interest and term negotiation) is VERY important when drawing a budget because it will reveal if you can actually afford the car payments AND save money simultaneously. Most people don't know how to draw a budget let alone have a clue of how much money is actually in their pockets at any given moment, living paycheck to paycheck. This is by no means a good way to live. You must ALWAYS be able to save on top of your car payments.

    Car payments should be an itemized expense, like any other living/operating expenses on a weekly or bi-weekly budget. Saving emergency funds for a rainy day whilst enjoying your new car is the ultimate peace of mind.

  14. Is there like a paper I get when i get a pre approval that I take to the dealership? Or how will the dealership know that I got pre approved?

  15. Can anyone show me the metrics of credit score and income graphic before I go and embarrass myself getting pre-approved? my income isn't as high as I would like it but I was trying for uber eats until my car got flooded by the hurricane so I got 5k for a down payment I am willing to give at the moment! I work at a family business.

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