Durable North wolf Foam polishing pad , a pad can last for long service time! save on cost

New Design North Wolf Centrifugal Ring Polish Pads series are our exclusive design, it is an innovation for car detailing pads design and function. Full range 6 color series for choose .Available size: Hook&Loop: 3 inch, 5 inch , 6 inch

1. Ring pattern design is newest in the market , it help to place compound on the pad , dissipate polish or compounds evenly,
minimizing grabbing and reducing heat .
2. North wolf bonding in hard backing hook and loop is heat resistant and water proof, won’t peel from heat DA machine and washable. Not easy to damage even soaked in water.
3. High tensile strength and density foam material more durable.
4. Bevel edge design for safe polishing
5. Centrifugal buffing pad to avoid polishes remain in pad center.

Causion: Wash in water after use and keep clean, Don’t exposed to the sun.

*Remark: Big discount for big order quantity. Welcome to contact us online.