DROVE MY CAR INTO A WALL! Up here in Colorado we struggled getting car down the no prep surface!


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  1. Nice video brother you makes the little kids day you and pops will get the hot rod running good again good luck i will see you in Ohio brother less goo S/G for life 👶 can wait to meet you and your crew

  2. I thought Momma Country was yalls travel agent keep talking shit Brian she'll put you on Jet Blue or even worse Spirit airlines you'll be lucky if they have toilet paper on it.

  3. Yall don't scuff your tires man thatss usually the first thing my pops makes me to before he pours on the power when we're testing he makes me do long burnouts and to or three 330 passes on about two sets of new tires then we put the good tires we've been running on then he turns me loose.

  4. I'm a Ryan Martin fan. However your my 2nd , if Ryan is out im pulling for you. When you first came around I wasn't a fan, but you are true to you , you treat people well, and you go out of your way to make people's days and dreams and your a hell of a good competitive racer. Keep doing you man, glad you're okay. Keep grinding.

  5. Told you it's obvious that Prenup don't like looking pretty..good so that means she's down for bussiness now mark my words she's going to be hauling ass now.

  6. This is the reason you can’t have nice things.
    Just screwing with you, sucks that it started to drizzle right as you were making your run.
    Made Props for how you and the crew treat the future racers be it putting kids in the car or giving them an autographed slick off your car. You definitely made Oliver’s and Deegan’s weekend
    You ask me that mountain got a Whodo on you, maybe you need to go to New Orleans and see the Voodoo Witch Marie Laveau and get yourself a Gris-Gris to keep you away from the wall and Voodoo doll of Ryan Martin so you can stick a pin in his right foot before you race him.😁

  7. I've been in and around drag racing for over forty years and no one is as good with the kids like Justin is he's done more for the future drag racers then anyone I know of and the sport is going to live on for years to come!

  8. I think this the main reason that your my favorite haven't had the ability to get to a race cause I have an artistic lil girl but what you do for all the lil kids shows a person's true colors hats off to Justin from a father of a special needs daughter and a veteran I salute you

  9. Should rename you big daddy cry baby. There's two gorgeous chicks there that haven't said a thing about what's going on and you crying up a storm lol Na I bet he loved it all the way

  10. Damn the 2 of you telling a story is almost as good as Big Country doing so. But definitely better than Justin. lol Cheyenne and B need to give Justin some lessons on how to be entertaining … Best of Luck Swan Gang… 👍

  11. Dag prenup was looking good without them battle wounds we're headed into good air so hopefully we can hurt some feelings and move up a few spots as always keep up the awesome work guys let's go 💪 💯

  12. Ok I am not a hater, I promise! However, after watching you and your team interact with the kids is pure magic. Well done!!! Sorry to see you get into the wall glad it wasn't too bad.

  13. First off that was a great video. You guys are without a doubt the hardest working team out there. It is amazing what you and your crew are able to get accomplished. I mean seriously you get smashed by Dave and caught on fire and the car looks completely destroyed yet you do not miss a race you were there the next week. I think that speaks volumes on how dedicated the men and women you have supporting you from the sponsors to the crew at the shop and at the race track. Everyone works very hard and it shows. I'm excited to see how the rest of the season plays out for you, good luck.

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