Drag Racing Today

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Finally some drag racing!

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  1. Damn man you are in my back yard, I was down there with Farlow and Gold last night. Hope you having fun and enjoying the track.

  2. You have never bracket raced huh I thought everyone started out B racing lol it’s fun but if you go 2 or 3 times a year like I do it’s not you have to get good on the tree if you’re not cutting double 0’s and within a number you won’t go many rounds although I did win the money at 710 one night I was just on it and let off when I knew it had a good 60ft so I wouldn’t break out

  3. John, you are all class total class as always. You keep it real with everyone you meet and those you present in your videos. It delighted me to see your love for your family and the mutual respect and love they show you. Brother, I really appreciate you. The best to you and yours in every way…

  4. I didnt know Davids car was mod motor, that’s awesome! Alot more complicated to work on. Great content bro hate i missed it live

  5. Good videos I wish I was there with my s10 maybe soon as I can get somebody to tune my holley terminator x for me u can't pay people to do anything these days

  6. I could never understand why people. Put chevy motors in fords to make them go fast thtas why i really like you. Ford in a ford. I believe if your truly a ford fan use a ford. If your chevy use chevy. And so on

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