Drag Racing Thrill and Spills, Crashes, Carnage, Close Calls, & More. Gassers & Nostalgia

When you attend as many drag races as I do, you tend to see some crazy stuff on track. This is a compilation of some of the wildest things I’ve captured on film over the past couple years. Thankfully none of the drivers featured were harmed. Motorsports can be unpredictable when man pushed machine to it’s limit. Sometimes they break parts, sometimes they get out of control, and the drivers assume this risk in the pursuit of speed. With modern safety measures, drivers can endure these types of incidents and return to race another day. Check it out, leave a like and be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. And, find us on social media!
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  1. Great video brother! They don't get much better, not sure how you can make them better… Lol. Just great clips and good quality. Thanks for the post, be safe out there!

  2. At 4:50 can someone please tell me the point of wheelie bars that don't do what they are intended to do….or possibly set them just a tad lower so you dont get up so high before they hit that the inertia of the car is so high it just bends em like you don't even have any!

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