Drag Racing Crashes

Watch the most crazy Drag Racing Car Crashes from Street Outlaws Live No Prep Kings races, Dirty South No Prep, and Byron Wheelstand Contest.

On a No Prep track or a prepped track an accident can happen at any time and when it does it is a sight to see and usually is good to document and watch to see what went wrong or how to prevent something like that in the future. But with the wheelstand contest that is an accident waiting to happen and all drivers sign up for just that and that is part of the excitement for them.

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  1. Most of these guys look like they lack sense. All that horsepower, you get outta the groove, you lift. Either inexperience or just crazy. Too much hp for guys that dont have seat time

  2. Gene Snow and Rambunctious, Little Red Wagon and my favorite Hemi Under Glass. No Crashes but nice wheelies for the fans. I was there, Lions, OCR, Pomona and Famosa. 1966 -1975

  3. Drinking game. pause at race start. Person who picks crashed car has to drink.

    Much love to the drivers who ruined many dollars and hours of their life in 15 seconds. Glad you all are doing what you love.

  4. the man with the brown ute, either had big balls or no brain. if your out by a lot and wheel spinning the whole way why not lift?

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