1. I love seeing mike in his element. you can see the passion that he has, and the immense wealth of knowledge. would love to see another follow up or more on him and the drag boats.

  2. 9 sec squirt boat… not many around… We had a blown ford that showed up at Ming (took him out first round).. other than that? not a one.. not many can appreciate just how fast a 9 sec jetboat is.. Running a season for points is a real grind on the boats… we were out of the Phoenix area so we only got 2 races close to home.. you cali guys get it easy…

  3. 9.005 is #2? WOW! The boat sounds great. I race in 10.00 index, and Nostalgia S/S, classes with my Chevelle, as well as, an 84 Cutlass in NHRA Stock. I use the same weather station. Great stuff. Nice video.

  4. O sorry even though u won u still lost there is no fair competition in racing your boat was to slow to bad buy a bigger motor thats how racing is spouse to be but these days its that not fair his boat is faster then mine that almost as REDICULUS as here ur car is faster then mine so I want 4 🚗 lengths at start when I watched that damage racing show pinks I almost threw up it desgusted me that much

  5. Growing up being best friends with a Top Fuel boat family this is funny, bit I respect it none the less. Especially the squirt gun guys who aren't really looked up to in my world. God I miss Jerry, Hillbilly #106.

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