DONKMASTER's First time Seeing MURDER NOVA's DONK gets INTENSE – Reviewing EVERY DONK AT SEMA 2022

Donkmaster Z06 Donk
Murder Nova’s Fire Donk
FredRarri ” Beetle Juice ”
Extreme Auto “Red Velvet” Twin Turbo LS 71 Impala
Sac Speedshop 71 Caprice Hardtop , Procharged LSX
Extreme Auto Twin Turbo LS 73 Caprice Convertible
The Hoonigans Supercharged Big Block 1971 Caprice Hardtop
Donkmaster’s Donut Donk 4-Door 72 Caprice – Big Block / Nitrous
Ragz 2 Riches Twin Turbo 1974 Caprice Convertible
Nava’s 71 Impala Convertible

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Black Blur


  1. Dunk master you took the game of the dunks to another level the professional what I'm checking you out I'm sitting up here in Chicago we love you man keep doing your thing

  2. I give it to DonkMaster, he did put Donks on the map, but I don't know why now everyone coming up to that man all side ways. I like Playboy Jezzy, what is he beefin about?

  3. $$$$ At The End Of The Day These My 2 Favorite Racer's Both Got Great Sportsmanship And Run The Hell Out Them Cars It Is What It Is Donk Racing Wouldn't Be Nothing Without My Brother Donk Master Bro Continue Going Beast Mode Peace My Brothers Stay Blessed And At The Front Fasho $$$$ 🤑💪🤑✌️🤑

  4. $$$$ Myboy Ain't Know Joke With The Cars Donk Master Bro They Ain't Ready He Got That Racing Seat In The Big Boy 4 Door Boy Y'all Better Look Out Myboy Coming Again Let's Get It Priceless Energy LOL $$$$ 🤑💪🤑✌️🤑

  5. Wow, these cars have come a long way since I was a kid. As a kid when these cars were new I thought of them as cars only for grandpa to drive in style. Now after all these years the Donk Culture has made these cars amazing and beautiful! My style is Fyredonk but the black and gold donk is stunning!!! Car culture is so diverse and awesome 👍

  6. People need to know 442 stands for four barrel for on the floor dial exhaust. That’s what 442 mean a. But i seen a LS motor With 442 on its sides.

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