Dominator & Jeff Lutz Rocking in Minnesota

Street Outlaws No Prep Kings live event rolled into Minnesota for their points race. At this race we filmed Dominator and Jeff Lutz who are a part of the 405 team. The 405 are from Oklahoma are known to be some of the fastest cars in the country and in the world in no prep. Dominator drives the purple dodge dart that sports a hemi with a twin turbo setup. Dominator is one of the guys that can win against any opponent at any given time. Dominator is one of the most clutch racers in the world of no prep. But, the main event has eluded this racer who has all the potiential in the world to take an event at no prep kings. In the other lane we have a 405 team member who has won a main event and has done a lot in the world of no prep in a short amount of time. Jeff Lutz drives the twin turbo gto that is yellow in the video. Check out these two fast no prep racers in the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social media platoorms at:


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