Dominator & Doc in Texas!!

Street Outlaw OGs Dominator and Doc Love entered the big tire class at the texas no prep kings event. Dominator has made big improvements since coming from the street. The car is a dodge dart with a twin turbo hemi setup. Dominator has gone faster than he has ever gone before but when going faster comes more broken parts. Dominator was running hard at the texas event and eventually broke his rearend which the car had to be towed back to the pits. On the other lane we have doc love who is in the heavy metal blown nova. The car was borrowed from the flamhoc racing team to get thru the season while the street beast is being built. The heavy metal car was making some fast passes over the weekend. But, doc’s weekend was cut short due to issues with the car after going rounds. Check out the racing action in the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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