Dodge Charger for sale & and a field of project cars! | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 38

They told him that he couldn’t find any more cars in Midland, Texas. This week, Tom Cotter hits the oil country highways to prove them wrong. Drawn in by the rusty bones of an old Torino, Tom investigates the pickings of a fellow car guy, among which is a 1972 Dodge Charger housing a 318-cubic-inch engine that, after some gentle prodding, slowly coughs to life. Cold calls come next, and soon Tom visits a woman who proudly imparts the history behind each hollowed-out shell in her yard, from an engine-less 1957 Thunderbird drag car to a VW Beetle with a Ford V-8. Touring through her garden of drag metal and classic iron, Tom turns up a McLaren Mustang convertible, the body of a 1963 Econoline Van, and a half-restored 1977 Chevy Blazer, each with a story-and a price.

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  1. in the mid 1980s my father bought a 1970 VG Valiant two door 770
    318 motor off an old guy who had it since new my father paid $ 2000 for it
    only had 25,000 miles on the clock when i turned 18 my father gave it to me i drove it
    a few years till some woman jumped the red light and t boned me pushed the rear quarter panel and window into back seat
    and passenger door that was the end of it

  2. Imagine you running out of gas and leave your charger on the side of the road, and only to come back and it not be there. LMAO

  3. That poor Torino, dude should be ashamed of himself for letting it get to and sit in that condition….it's not a junk chevelle or pos impala or nova for christs sake….

  4. Most of these old disgusting people should probably put that money into weight loss and Health Management and maybe a nicer place to live then letting old good stuff rot and rust and being hoarders that are disgusting and probably smell like cat litter I mean these people he meets our trash living on welfare with food stamps old trash sell it and help this country instead of being a piece of fat garbage I can't even take care of themselves how are they going to take care of an old car

  5. It sucks. I have the skills and will to build a car. I just don't have the money to buy one or a garage to build it in. It's hard enough to fix my daily driver in my driveway.

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