DIESEL NOVA!? Rolling Coal Down The DRAG STRIP!

We got our eyes stuck on this beautiful Diesel Nova when we first saw it at Lights Out 8 at SGMP! Running a 6.8 liter Dodge Cummins diesel engine with an 88mm turbocharger and three kits of nitrous, this clean Nova means business! Putting down 1,500 horsepower (and more), the 700 horsepower shot of nitrous on top is just put madness! The owner bought the car just eight weeks before the race and put it together right in time for Lights Out. The first pass he ever made in the car was the first pass he did that weekend!
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  1. This car came to my local drag strip which was pretty neat…….but a diesel in a nova is a big no no, you just dont do that, cummins duramax power stroke none of them should go in a muscle car

  2. THIS IS WHY RICH WHITE FUCKS WITH MONEY NEED NOT TRY TO BE RACERS!!!!YOUR A FUCKING MORON IF YOU THINK A DIESEL IS ANYTHING MORE THAN A HAULER PULLER OR MUSCLE FOR TOWING!!!!! IT…IS…..NOT…..MADE…FOR…..DRAG RACING…..I bet his wife said you can buy it if I can let tyrones black ass creampie me once a month for a year….

  3. To all you fucking haters who have no fucking lives, this diesel powered monstrosity has run a best of 4.55 at 163, good enough to run neck and neck with the fastest 275 radial cars on earth. This video was taken back when this car was getting dialed in, so haters please fuck off! and please do more diesel!.

  4. Win or lose that's a badass car, driver did great for only having it 8 weeks quickly throwing it together and running those times.. If you're a true racer you know the blood and time that goes into the machines, that dude deserves respect!

  5. So many nova's made into race cars back in the day then you see driving on the streets. When I was kid in the 80's everyone had a nova.

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