Pro Modified history was made Saturday night as Mike Bowman pocketed $100,000 in the richest drag race of its type. The Drag Illustrated World Series of Pro Modified lived up to the billing, as 16 of the toughest door slammer racers in this arena gathered at Bandimere Speedway, just outside of Denver, to battle tooth and nail for the winner-take-all prize. Adding to the challenge, there are no elapsed times or speeds revealed. There is no qualifying, and the pairings were random pick making for tense competition. Relive the passion of this event through the cameras of CompetitionPlusTV, and the over-the-top commentary by Al Tucci.


  1. I wish a speaker in Sweden did it this way, giving 100%. It was a great race, and i wish i was there!!!! Thank you for the web transmission.

  2. Awesome vid tucci rocks,i was there at that race and had a blast promod rules,cant wait for next year hopefully adds some nitrous cars or have pronitrous class

  3. OMG yall! Competition Plus is goin belly-up cause Neil Reed wont buy nothin from em. How will they feed theyr familys now?! To b honest,probly NEVER DID buy nothin!

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