Da Pad Cents – Vol. 3 – Street Car Invitational

In short, Da Pad Cents is a way to give back to the racers. Ad cents revenue from YouTube, spectator tips and a small $100 buy in ensured that the last man or woman standing walked away with $3,100.00+. This is the third installment and i’m happy to report it was definitely the best. Special shoutout the righteous spectators that pitched in an extra $400+ on 3 days notice all from an IG story post. One time for the homies James Champagne (Pad Warz founder) and Madi Da Finishline Man for their help. If you like this kind of content and want to support the concept please like, subscribe and share with a few car buddies. Also, you can purchase merch @


  1. We can't let the government stop us V8s are our why to express our freedom freely brings everyone together when them engines crank up😎💯🤾

  2. I still don't understand people wanting to bump in on the street… That's a track thing with the 2 bulbs
    .. No need for that on the street

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