Donald Long Presents Covid-8 for Classes Radial vs The World & Pro 275! This Video is the Pro 275 Coverage, Watch as Teams try to Qualify in just the Top 8 Car Field!

Round #1 Starts at: 21:35

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  1. @ Kub213 – Went for the toe @9:48, but stayed for the race cars. How brutal quick does your radial setup have to be, to run 3.96 at 188 mph? Talk about making it all up in the first half.

  2. dam that copper colored corvette ran 3.87 at 203 mph with his foot on the brake the whole way down the track !!! ….. hummm wonder if he was loading his turbo and holdin back wheel spin by doin that tactic or is he just a putz and skert got foot on brake , thank not he smart loadin turbo turnin on boost city !! could just make that turbo work put a taller gear in rear end im thinking!!

  3. dam that blue malibu is consistent as they get at this level of competition im thinking fast as hell good sleeper wouldnt think the flat nosed sob had it in it but it sure as hell does fast car fer sure !

  4. I remember growing up near an 1/8 mile track (late 1980's), a solid 4 (mid high to high) would make you top dog at the track. Much respect to these guys pulling 3's, on small tires no less

  5. Daymn,, most of the cars are wonderfully beautiful BUT the HOLDER Nova,, now that hotrod is absolutely MAGNIFICENT!

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