Classic American Muscle Car Lot Update 12/20/21 Maple Motors Hot Rods Vintage Inventory Walk Around

Walk & Talks Whats new at Maple Motors



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Email :
Tel: 615-822-4444
TN residents
state & local taxes, license, tags and title fees not included in price
Maple Motors
Stock #’s on –
829 W St. Hendersonville, TN 37075
Previously owned vehicles


  1. One thing about u Americans in the old Days, they had really really good taste in building the American muscle car's, all those two door big blocks make me soooo jealous 😂

  2. Nice collection you got there, I was looking for a 1965 mercury comet. My dad used to have 2 that he refurbished and a 64, that was mine that he ended up giving away because he didn't have the time or energy to get to it.

  3. I like the stink bug..will trade a 87 Chevette 39 thousand miles,, show room condition…2 dr 5 speed sport package can send you some pics if interested ?

  4. NICK I'm noticing your voice is getting deeper are you getting older lol & nice collection of hot wheels, my last time visiting maple motors yall never went inside cool upgrade to be out of the weather too and I'm still not able to purchase a car or a truck I've seen lots of vehicles that I'd love to own yep I'd rather older ones than these newer ones nowadays but I still have my 2004 silverado 2wd single cab 4.8 vortec all original except for the K&N cold air filter 256,485 miles on it still strong my friend good to see y'all again stay safe I'll be back for your let's take a ride videos

  5. There is only one kind of car on that lot, that appreciates in value. Does exactly what it's supposed to do. Makes no promises to be anything other than what it actually is. And could possibly be, the best car company in the world… Hot Wheels.

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