Chris “Boosted” Hamilton Talks No Prep Kings Success, Controversy w/ NHRA Pros & More | WBS EP. 222

Chris “Boosted” Hamilton of STREET OUTLAWS and No Prep Kings fame talks about the shows rise to prominence, the platform the shows provide racers, his respect for racers in other circles or sanctions and what he sees coming next for the what is inarguably the hottest property in drag racing. #dragracing #noprep #streetoutlaws


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  1. Wes….
    I went to Boise this weekend. The racers are awesome and the racing is awesome!!!!! Everyone makes time for you and they are real people!!!!

  2. These guys are SPOT ON !!! No Prep, Street Outlaws, and on and on, . . . . it's THE top dog in town.
    The younger generation, and I know first hand, the old dyed in the wool drag race guys are eating this stuff up !! Drag racing on prime time TV with relatable personalities , it's a winning combo all day lone.
    The old money grubbing sanctioning bodies are dinosaures on the death spiral, whether it's drag racing , stock cars or indy/F1.

  3. When NHRA went to the new television deal it went to shit , I used to like watching it on YouTube but now their is nothing , they never considered any fans outside of the states

  4. NHRA events are hard on the average person's pocketbook in 2021, when you can go to a no-prep race and have $$$ left over when it's over – no-prep just makes more sense and it's more entertaining!

  5. No prep/street racing made racing and car culture attainable for normal folks, the major corporate racing industry has long been, look but don’t touch.

  6. No prep has saved multiple tracks , more are turning to it more and more . It packs the track even without the big name stars . Don’t cost as much for the owners of track to maintain. No glue needed , no equipment needed really unless someone has oil down . Small no name tracks making a comeback , if it keeps the doors from closing , I’m for it .

  7. The S/O shows suck ass. The best thing to come of it all is the guys having their own YT channels and going to local events where they show up. Discovery, History, and the like are garbage. 1320, 660 street, SRC, and others are where it's at. That network TV bullshit ain't for me.

  8. Chris is a sharp guy and and absolute professional. On and off the track. I don't think a lot of folks know what his day job is (its not hard to find if you look), but I've always respected his background and work ethic.

  9. NHRA = Stuck in the sixties. They truly can’t see the forest for the trees. Cars are unrecognizable and therefore non relatable and access to the racers is extremely limited and over controlled. The TV coverage is totally boring. Speaking of which, Brian Lohnes is one of the brightest, funniest most talented dudes around and could almost single handedly bring the NHRA into the 21st century and could attract so many new viewers if they would just let him be himself. Watching him do the TV broadcasts is almost painful. It’s like he is trying to sing and dance while bound and gagged. With cement overshoes on and 100’ underwater.

  10. If you can’t run under 4.0 you literally are non competitive in a NPK big tire event. Chris knows that but can’t say it due to contractural restrictions.

  11. There are plenty of teams in drag racing…. The NPK this is just a gimmick this week. Just like teams in golf – Ryder Cup is a once a few years right?

  12. I am one of those people. I am a recent convert to the whole NPK street racing scene/community. And I am addicted! Sincerely … I have said to my family that I am unavailable for the next 9-weeks solid as the crew begin their weekly tour – and I can’t wait to go see it live. I live just outside Toronto so not that far from the 405 … but I am so excited at all I have to look forward to. I am a huge Lizzy ❤ fan. Love her so much 💕💕 and have ordered up my merch! Boosted is awesome 👏 Love your show Wes. Keep up the great work you do.

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