Chelsea's FIRST WIN of an Armdrop event !! Memphis Street Outlaws 2022 JJ Da Boss MSO America's List

This was Chelsea’s first win of an armdrop event here at State Capitol Raceway in Louisiana 2022. #teamsilentkillerracing was in this race as well. #memphisstreetoutlaws #jjdaboss #noprepracing #streetoutlaws #mso #noprep


  1. Boys she’s learning fast, doing great burnouts and keeping the car moving down track in the groove. Great Job Miss Chelsea 🙏🙏😎

  2. Congrats to her! I knew it was coming we were in the finals against her in immokalee she was upset and crying when we beat her but she was a good sport about it

  3. Had a blast enjoy it all got to meet JJ da boss an precious very nice people thank you for the pictures you are good hearted people looking for the next time when you are in picwick

  4. Where's Doe boy? I know he's pissed he's ole lady left him for producer. An she still running with he's daddy . Had to suck but it's part of life happens to us all eventually

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