Chassis Work On Our Homemade Front Engine Dragster

Moonshine has a few intricate tasks that need done before we can start racing again. Welding the slip joints was probably the most important and pressing task that we needed to complete. It went a lot smoother than we thought it would and that’s all we could ask for.

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  1. The un-triangulated section in front of the driver cage is very flexible by design and prone to fatigue and stress cracking. Top Fuel and Alcohol classes don’t allow painting the chassis so tech can inspect for cracks. Most either cold blue their frames or clear coat. I presume the class you’re running allows painted frames? The hammer tone paint does look good though.

  2. The dragsters looking good, I love nostalgia drag racing! I don't care for slip joint chassis much, Think they flex a little to much sometimes. I enjoy the videos you post keep them coming.

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