Can We Build the Fastest 1/4 mile Car for $5000? ~ JDM vs Euro Episode 1

What is faster a JDM car, or a European car? The battle of “who is the fastest” is a long debated one. So @Gears and Gasoline challenged me to a $5000 drag race build! We are building the fastest VW we can for $5000. Both cars will run 1/4 race and the fastest 1/4 wins! This is part 1 of a 4 part series to see who can build the fastest car for $5000!
Thanks to @Advance Auto Parts for being an amazing partner in this Drag Race Series #advancefleet #humblemechanic #jdm #vw

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~~~~ Time Stamps ~~~~
0:00 ~ Intro
0:19 ~ The Challenge
1:00 ~ The Rules
1:31 ~ @Deutsche Auto Parts
2:54 ~ What is the fastest European car?
3:55 ~ Enter The Jetta
5:17 ~ Timing Diagnosis
8:34 ~ That didn’t go as planned
16:42 ~ Cylinder leak down test
18:11 ~ Potential MK5 Modification
22:00 ~ Remove cylinder head
23:00 ~ Episode 2 planning
24:47 ~ Episode 2 teaser

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  1. Any smart or serious budget racer would have picked a volvo 940 turbo. You buy the turbo car with 1031 rear axle (dana 30) and m90 transmission for -2k usd , Weld the diff and buy a big turbo, A 3" exhaust a megasquirt and a decent head etc for the other 3k and voila u will have a 10 second car for 5k

  2. Lmao euro has to lose. Jdm is going to pick up a 500 dollar civic, swap a $2500 crate motor into it. Drop a $900 eBay turbo in it. And send 600hp down the strip a max of 5 times 😂😂

    Edit: I’m saying this as an avid euro car driver

    Edit2: euros best bet would’ve been a trashed s60r or Audi with a big eBay turbo

  3. TSI engines before 2012 are junk. they had timing Chain malfunctions caused by bad quality chains and non removeable Sprokets on the crankshaft for the chain. so even if you change the chain the new one will wear fast too because the sproket ist now faulty. good enough for some drag races but all in all just Junk.

  4. Should've got a Volvo 240 and LS swapped it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    500$ for the car
    1000$ for an engine and trans
    2000$ on turbo stuff and ECU
    1000$ on some bigger tyres
    500$ welding a roll cage

    Easy 5-600hp in a steady rwd platform that weighs barely 1500kg

  5. I would really love to see receipts, price from title or bill of sale, maybe a video during the purchase. I'm sure you guys hosed this deal whereas the other crew seem to be honest, built while maintaining budget.

  6. If you're going FWD, should've gotten a Saab 9-5. The B235R engine can be tuned up to insanity. Check out Jonas Kakarikas channel here on YouTube.

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