1. So you've got a guy in the backyard with limited funds going against another guy and his whole team in a billion dollar company with traction control/computers/superchargers etc with unlimited money…and built wins almost every time!

  2. Malicious schemers in several media organizations around the world are out to use me and control my life. They labelled me the "world" and say I am against "white teeth". And they have a secret electromagnetic over-the-air device that can trigger all reactions in the body, including disease symptoms and pain, to coerce me physically and physiologically. Somebody please help me. Please say no to torture and oppression and the media's secret electromagnetic offensive weapon.

  3. Built is always better because for the price of an gt350R $59k to under 80k for an hell cat and 147k for an demon to 170k for an McLaren 570s for any one you race against in the price range you can build anything you want an c6 corvette Z06, lancer evolutions , Mitsubishi eclipses dsm 1 or 2nd generation, an 1500 hp awd Honda civic , Acura Integra , an 1,200 hp R32 gtr , an 2jz swapped 1,200 hp mk 3 supra , an 1,000 hp rx7 anything you could wanna build ofc the 59k budget would be the most challenging depending on what you choose to build the 80k one is more do able but limited. Now the 147k budget is almost unlimited on what you could build but ofc it depends on what you choose to build with this budget you can easily make an 1,500-2,000 hp car depending on what you choose to build. Now the 170k budget is basically unlimited because you can buy an car you would really like and have enough left over money to build it anyway you like or just go buy an roller drag chassis. And use the rest of your money for top end parts to go the fastest on that 170k budget 🤷🏽‍♂️

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