1. Something had to be wrong with thr first race?! The car had a chute and all setup to get beat by a stock hellcat and both ran 10's???

  2. I love your uploads . . . . . . you miss NONE of the action, you know exactly what we want to see – and you always get the vital times, lingering long enough for us to read them – Your a ⭐

  3. The "built VS. bought" argument, isn't an argument. You can bolt a jet engine to a lawnmower and beat most cars on the road, but I'd still rather own the Hellcat, or Camaro (I own two) or Shelby Mustang. "Bought" means more than just an engine. It means a track purposed suspension, nice interior, descent stereo, AC and cup holders…(my Camaro SS also has "party lights")….

  4. Typical Rice. A lot of noise. A parachute. Drag slicks on the front. Fire. Flames. Theatrics. Aaaaaaaaand it breaks. God I hate Rice especially on the drag strip.

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