Built vs bought – drag racing

Hellcat, Honda Civic, Tesla, Porsche, Shelby GT500, Corvette ZR1, Chevy Nova, Nissan GT-R and more – the best of Built vs bought – drag racing


  1. Built or bought. Many of those who build put the performance in what they build. Can't underestimate one's determination to get the best out of what they put their effort into.

  2. I've been seeing a lot of these videos of Challengers getting beat lately. Is it cuz they're so heavy? It's kinda disappointing as a Mopar fan. What's next, a guy on a 10 speed bike beats a Challenger?

  3. Hell nah,guy in the truck got lucky.Like…like the mighty unbeatable Hellkitty didn’t have its gay set of drag wheels on and probably did not have its purple key being used 🤬😡😅😂

  4. Some of the "bought" cars were "built" a bit too. When I go to the track, I'm not looking for the Tesla Plaid, I'm not looking for the big block nitrous Chevelle with dual 650 double pumpers on a tunnel ram, I'm looking for that bondo Pinto that does a wheelie past the grand stands and runs a 7.

    We all stand up in shock and clap and yell "DID YOU SEE THAT!!" to the guy beside us who obviously saw it.

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