Building the FASTEST 1/4 Mile Car for $5000 – JDM vs EURO Episode 1

Go check out Charles’ EURO build HERE:
And stay tuned for the rest of the series!

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Primary camera gear that we film with:
Panasonic S1h with MC1 adaptor

Panasonic S1

Gopro Hero 9

Rode VidoeMicro

Rode mic go

Sandisk Extreme Pro 300mbs

Ronin Rs2

Canon 24-105

Canon 70-200

Rokinon 35mm

Rokinon 14mm

Sigma 35mm


  1. This is my favorite version of the civic hb. Love all the hard angles and the minimalistic body style. The first car I bought at 16 was an ‘89 civic dx hb and I wish I still had it!

  2. V8 guys when they think a factory 40 year old Chevy square body will destroy “Lame JDM cars” as in the… RB26DET GTRS, EVOS, 2JZ SUPRAS, WRX, GTIR SR20DET, GT LIBERO, VR4, 300ZX and many many more all factory turbo light weight literally built for all round speed now a 5 tonne Auto V8 that’s only “power” is goof for speeds between 40mph and 60mph so if you don’t roll race they get all but hurt saying it’s not fair as their cars can’t Launch, drift, skid, corner and comfortably hold high top speed yea sure Japanese cars are lame aye bud 🤷‍♂️😂😂

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