A fascinating look at the first ever Crate Cuda. Everything but the roof is from Auto Metal Direct. And since this was aired, they are now making the rest of the roof pieces.

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  1. This cuda video was uploaded a hour ago I seen it two weeks ago what's really funny is they're not the first ones to do this I did one over a year ago.

  2. I’m getting rust work done on my xf falcon ute , all panels welded are first copper coated so when they’re welded together they’re rust protected, then they’re sealed afterwards inside the pillars or panels , the insides with penetrol or cavity wax to prevent moisture on the inside rotting out repairs. i don’t send you guys doing that process . if the inside of the pillars or any internal surfaces aes not protected then the bodies will rust from the inside out .

  3. all very well painted as you do , but if not internally protected with cavity wax or ideally copper coat on surfaces welded togeather, inside of cavities coated then all these works of art will rot out from the inside. sooner rather than later. like a datsun from the 80’s . rusted out from the inside as they were bare steel on the inside of all the steel . wtf

  4. To find your vin, couldn’t you produce a plate number you used at the time of registration? They found an owner of a car that was stolen in 1970 in a cargo container in NY and returned it back to the original owner

  5. I really enjoyed watching that card bill from scratch, and I'm sure it was really rewarding to fit that roof perfectly. Excellent video guys 👍☮️

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