Big Turbo Nova The Mistress at No Prep Kings Texas

We caught shawn wilhoit who drives the mistress doing some testing at the northstar dragway in denton, texas. The turbo is 140+mm in the nova and it moves out! The mistress didn’t fair well in the the no prep kings finale but is definitely a fast car that can win. So check out the mistress turbo nova which has one awesome looking wrap on it as well. For more no prep kings coverage follow our social medias at:


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  1. I really thought that car would be a contender in the 2019 NPK season but now i'm not so sure any BIG, single turbo car can win consistently! Nobody with the giant, single turbo setup has had much success in the no prep world. Think they tear up a lot of stuff and if Larry Larson, Birdman, and this guy can't win witb this setup, its obviously not gonna work from what I'm seeing. I believe the twin turbo setup and the extra weight they have to add is the way to go! But maybe they have everything worked out now and 2020 will be their year. Just appears to me that this approach isnt gonna be winning a championship anytime soon!

  2. Been drag racing long time, still makes me laugh that these guys think that they're holding that 4000hp car from moving sideways on the burnout and then pushing the car out of the burnout..
    Other than that no complaints on videos keep it up

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