Big Tire Top End Action From MGMP Drag Racing Pro Mods SNRA

Web Site Big Tire Top End Action From MGMP August 6, 2016 YouTube Link ttps://


  1. I love the top end videos. So many different teams/groups/companies etc get very good drag racing action, i.e. nitro art video, but few get top end stuff. Not overly important but times w/mph would be cool but maybe i am missing something just on the edit but i dont see track officials or emt/fire and so on. If a car were to catch fire at 330 and by the time it got stopped it looks like the emt/fire would basically be chasing the car down. Same as if a car got out of shape or even a throttle hanging open. Hopefully im wrong because i love drag racing immensely but dread seeing another friend, or foe for that matter, lose his car and even worse his life. Again tho thanks for the great vid nitro art

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